Saturday, October 29

Zlata Chochieva

I only today discovered this great pianist - Zlata Chochieva. I read an article in the The Guardian praising her to the skies, for her Etudes-Tableaux. And I am now listening to her Chopin Etudes. I now longer care so much about technical abilities (there are so many pianists who possess a superb technique); what I am interested in is personality & individuality of sound... And Chochieva possesses these two qualities: her sound is very special, there is a certain freedom which, however, does not go beyond the limits - my limits at least! 
This is the greatest challenge of all: respect the composer's indications AND find your own sound, your own musical colours. No doubt, Zlata Chochieva succeeds in this, in a really superlative way. I am glad I discovered her. 


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