Tuesday, December 13

Marc Andre Hamelin's cadenza on Liszt's 2nd Hungarian Rhapsody

This is such a fascinatingly original cadenza! I leave aside the technical bravura (which is, however, extraordinary), I'd like to concentrate on the music: Hamelin achieved to give new breathe to this work which (alas!) has suffered so many mediocre performances. 
His writting is brilliant, his ideas clear and well defined, his melodic choices are utterly original and daring. See how  the main themes of the Rhapsody here interlock  in  such an ingenious way! All in all, a masterpiece, this cadenza! I discovered, today, the score (on youtube) and I was able to admire, once more, the excellent work of this great pianist - undeniably one of the greatest in the world today. 

Here is the score:


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Antonia said...

Wow, this took my breath away! I had imagined I might choose this well-admired cadenza for my own performances, but I don't know if I want to put the effort into it even though it is stunning! It would take a very long time to learn and perfect, and I have so much other music to work on. But you're right: it is absolutely BRILLIANT!!!