Monday, July 25

Chasse Neige...

I've just listened to an excellent rendering of my beloved etude by Lizst. It's by Berezovsky and it's a live recording from his recital in Roque d'Anthéron (I must say I don't really like this hall). What I liked in this performance is the sustained pathos, the inner energy and the vast richness of his sound-palette. Especially towards the end of the study (last page), one can really sense this infinite, unbearable nostalgy.

I so much want to play this etude; yet it requires such an emotional sacrifice that I am not sure I can offer! Technically it is hard, of course (though not the hardest of the set). But, interpretation wise, I believe it's one of the most difficult. It's one of these pieces one can study forever... (it does sound a bit hopeless, doesn't it?!!)

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