Friday, June 10

Paraphrase for piano on the Intermezzo Sinfonico (Cavalleria Rusticana)

Well, I must say I really enjoyed doing this video-recording!

It is indeed a wonderful piece of music and I always thought that all piano transcriptions made so far (at least to my knowledge) seemed to be lacking something, and not to "work" for the piano.
So I made an attempt to write my own transcription, taking the decision to take some freedom with the score, in order (as I explain) to make it sound like a pianistic piece. This, in my view, should be the aim of every transcription... Not easy and very challenging!

Whether this particular one is a success or not, is really up to you to decide!

Here it is:


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σταυροδρόμι said...

πραγματικά εξαιρετικό...

christos makropoulos said...

Thank you vey much for your kind words. CM

Anonymous said...

συγχαρητήρια !!!