Wednesday, May 22

Mozart's Piano Sonatas through the eyes of Alfred Einstein - Part 7 (K. 330)

Sonata in C major, K. 330
Light returns in Mozart's work, after the darkness of his Sonata in A Minor. 

"The sonata appears 'lighter' than the preceding one, but it is just as much a masterpiece, in which every note 'belongs' - one of the most lovable works Mozart ever wrote. In it the shadows of the Andante cantabile give place to an unclouded purity; a particularly delighful feature is the way the second part of the Finale begins with a simple little song".

When Einstein writes that "every note 'belongs'", what he actually means is that every note is in its proper place; we simply cannot imagine a different melodic course, therefore it is impossible to "alter" the score in any way...One cannot alter what is perfect...

Here is a live performance of this Sonata, played by Daniel Barenboim


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