Sunday, April 21

Mozart's Piano Sonatas through the eyes of Alfred Einstein - Part 2 (K. 281)

Let's move on to Sonata K. 281 (in B-flat major). Einstein is particularly interested in the 3rd movement (Rondeau). Here is what he has to say:

"In the B-flat major Sonata (K. 281), of which the first two movements seem more like Haydn than Haydn himself, we are suddenly faced, in the Finale, with Mozart at his most characteristic and individual. Haydn and even Johann Christian [Bach] are forgotten. If the date of this rondo, with its air of a modest concerto and its melodic grace, were not so definitely fixed, we should certainly place it ten years later, in the Vienna period."

Here is the splendid Rondeau from this Sonata, performed by Mitsuko Ushida - one of the best "Mozartian" pianists of our era.


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