Tuesday, December 11

Silent Night... Improvisation for piano and cello

Around 10 minutes before the concert I was talking about in my previous post, I said to D. Gouzios, "why don't we play 'Silent Night' as an encore?" Dimitris said "Is F major ok for you?" I said "fine" and we just played a few bars. When the concert came to an end, I whispered, "how about 'Silent Night' now?"... And so we played, there and then, an improvisation on this sweet Christmas melody....  The person who filmed the concert uploaded the piece, so here it is. Christmas is approaching! 

There are dozens of versions of this beautiful melody that are really inspiring, but the one that speaks more to my heart is the arrangement made by David Hill (not on youtube unfortunately!)... One can find it on the CD "Noel! Choral Music for Christmas".  


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