Monday, December 26

Christmas Music - Western and Eastern (Byzantine) Carols

Merry Christmas to all the friends of this blog! My very best wishes to you all! 

I was listening to BBC Radio 3 the other day, and I came across this very beautiful rendering of the famous Christmas song, "Silent Night". All I managed to hear was that the transcription was made by David Hill. So, if someone could give me more details about this transcription, I'd be most grateful!

I now remember another lovely Christmas carol which I often used to put on when I was a radio producer. It's called "Star Carol", and is composed by John Rutter. A melodious song, full of joy, light and... lightness!

What else?... Oh, let me not forget our own, Greek traditional christmas carols which my children sang on Xmas day, in our parish church, after the Christmas Liturgy. The melody is typically eastern -  actually this particular song that I have in mind has byzantine roots, so one can easily discern the typical byzantine modes. Here is a decent recording I found on the internet:

My best wishes for Merry Christmas!!!!!

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