Friday, November 19

Today's music on BBC Radio 3

Almost every morning, one of the first things I do when I wake up is to put on BBC Radio 3. It's good for the children - for us too- to start our day with music. Though I must say that quite often the music played is not the best thing one would like to listen to; I cannot, for instance, bring myself to listen to opera arias or Wagner at 7 in the morning - it just seems insane, doesn't it?

It seems to me that the best music one can start one's day with is baroque possibly because there is a purity in the sound that helps one dissolve the dim and shadowy world of dreams and darkness and make a fresh start into the world of light and reality.
But today, I heard this beautiful Adagio from Spartacus, composed by Aram Khachaturian and, while listening, my memory went immediately to the latter's Piano Concerto - one of the very first piano concertos to penetrate my ears and heart.

It is a unique concerto, in the sense that it's a world on its own, it does not belong (melodically speaking) to any particular style or genre. The Second Movement (Andante con anima) is really sublime. The melody played (in unison) by the piano is heart-breaking, so beyond words and so full of ineffable, passionate feelings - it's really pointless to go on.
Here is a good performance - with Peter Katin and the LSO.

This was one of my favorite pieces of music when I was a radio producer, ages ago, I used to put it on often, and everyone loved it.


I had a concert last Monday - with Spyros Souladakis - we played Hadjidakis and some of my own transcriptions of Spanoudakis's music. Also, Gershwin's Rsapsody in Blue. Went ok I think, around 70 people came. This coming Sunday, another small concert, this time with 2 flutes (Telemann, Vivaldi, Bach). We are not well prepared I think, but it seems that it will be a rather informal venue so I am trying not to get too stressed about the whole thing.

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