Friday, October 29

Playing music in the background...

This was the first time, I think, that I played "officially" in the background. I was asked to play for a reception, while the guests were having their drinks. It was awkward in the beginning, to say the least! Being a concert-pianist, I wasn't used to playing withe no one to paying any attention! I also felt a bit lonely at times, having the impression that no link whatsoever was created between me and my audience. Apparently this was not true, as almost everyone in the end came to thank me - so I suppose they were listening!! Of course, I did not/would not play classical music; I played light music, Greek songs, movie themes, etc.

Today was the first cold Autumn day. I am so fond of this period of the year... There is a sweet melancholy in the air, there is a spirit of expectation for the coming year (despite the crisis!), and there is a silent anticipation of Christmas...

I think Tchaikovsky succeeded best in capturing this spirit of the Fall, in his "Months". These are 12 wonderful pieces, each one dedicated to a month of the year. Here is "October: Autumn Song", played by Alexei Sultanov, a Russian pianist who died after having suffered a stroke, at my age - 35.

Such a moving mixture of sweetness and sadness. A voice of desolation.

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