Sunday, August 29

Notes on a recording

A couple of weeks ago I made a recording of Rachmaninoff's Moment Musical in E Minor. I had played the piece a couple of times in the past and I always wanted to have a recorded version of it. It' s a hard piece, one that requires concentration and stamina to keep going till the end - the final explosion. This is typical early Rachmaninoff - the Moments Musicaux are, in my view, one of the best products of his youth. The E minor one is the best known piece of the set, and understandably so: apart from the technical bravura, one can discern a fine melodic line which never falls victim to the repetetitive structure of the piece. It is a desperately passionate melody, with a short lyric interlude around the middle, which expands till the last fff. I think the danger of this music is to play too loud too early; one must keep the sound well under control, otherwise the catastrophe is unavoidable!
As for the recording procedure. Of course, due to the video camera, no edit could be done - I had to play non-stop from the beggining to the end. I managed to perform the piece 4-5 times and it was pretty exhausting. We kept three takes and at a later stage, I decided which one was to be uploaded. The studio is one of the best in Athens and the Yamaha is well beyond average.

It was good fun! And the result is, I think, more or less, decent, although there are many annoying details... A few technical mistakes, and a general sense of sluggishness; is it not a bit boring too? But anyway, there we are, here it is and all comments are welcome!


παρασκευή απόγευμα said...

Πολύ μου άρεσε το κομμάτι, που δεν το είχα ξανακούσει, αλλά και η ηχογράφηση! Σου κολλάει κι είναι λίγο σπάνιο αυτό για κλασσικό έργο!
Να κάνεις κι άλλες τέτοιες ηχογραφήσεις και να τις ανεβάζεις!

Anonymous said...

A feat! Fantastic, well done! The piece is gripping, as is so much of Rachmaninoff. It does repeat, but besides the fact that it's a great piece, one cannot possibly be bored if they watch as well as listen:-)) Your playing has soul. It's great that you are uploading these recordings. Looking forward to more!